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The Top Simcha DJs of 2017

August 23, 2017
So here we are: 2017's most popular DJs for bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs.We picked out the 15 most recommended simcha DJs from dozens mentioned on Facebook group Top Tips for Barmitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Mums & Dads! based on over 400 recommendations. We didn't include vot...
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Someone's gonna get ######!

January 31, 2017
Is it just me? Or is anyone else worried that tossing a kid 10 feet off the ground from a stretched out table cloth is going get someone seriously hurt? Now, nobody who knows me thinks I'm a killjoy. Far from it! Do you know anyone who parties harder? But, still, the last t...
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Bar mitzvahs are usually a bigger deal than than bat mitzvahs. Boys' ceremonies often seem more religiously significant and their parties are often more elaborate than girls'. Right? This sentiment often manifests in the interminable explanation, "Obviously our daughte...
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What is the deal with becks?

It's not a term of endearment, that's for sure. Whenever I hear the word, I ask what people mean. (If you've said it to me, you know I've asked!) Here are some word-for-word definitions I hear over and over again: "Oh, you know. All they care about is what they look like...
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"How do we deal with kids who bring mobile phones?" is a question asked by every client planning their simcha. Mobiles can be party-poopers at parties. They disconnect kids from the celebration and they reinforce cliques. It's a tall order to expect other parents to moderat...
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