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Terms of Business

Client: Whoever paid JIGGLE.IN for the Booking
Booking: Agreement between JIGGLE.IN the Client
Quote: Written details including pricing of relevant Services for the Event
Services: Goods and services JIGGLE.IN agrees to provide for the Event
Event: The type, location, and time for delivery of Services
Deposit: Non-refundable advance payment at time of Booking

A Booking is made once JIGGLE.IN confirms to the Client its receipt of the Client’s written agreement with these Terms of Business and the Quote, its receipt of the Deposit, and its availability for the Event.

JIGGLE.IN endeavours to provide accurate and up-to-date Quotes and reserves the right to update Quotes before confirming the Booking.

JIGGLEIN acts as an introducer to other service providers, agreements with whom are the Client's responsibility.

JIGGLEIN makes every reasonable effort to provide the Services as described in the Quote. If there is a failure JIGGLEIN will make every reasonable effort to remedy it including by providing suitable replacements for personnel unable to provide the Services due to unforeseen circumstances including injury and illness or similar emergencies. Other than for causing death or personal injury for which there is no liability limit or exclusion, JIGGLE.IN’s liability is limited to losses caused by its negligence up to the amounts paid for those parts of the Services it provided.

A Force Majeure including but not limited to pandemic, natural disaster, war, inaccessibility, and industrial action can excuse the Client and JIGGLEIN from performing their obligations under this Booking for as long as the force majeure prevents performance. JIGGLE.IN will make reasonable efforts to accommodate changes to the Booking due to UK Government restrictions and guidelines because of a force majeure including the rearrangement of the Event for a future date and the refund of payments already made that can easily be recovered from or have not been spent on other service providers.

The Client will pay the balance agreed in the Booking in full at least 15 days before the Event.

The Client is responsible for ensuring access to the venue and its relevant services, to other service providers involved in the Event, and to any information required to provide the Services. The Client indemnifies JIGGLE.IN against all losses caused by the conduct of themself or their guests or other service providers under their control. The Client agrees to notify JIGGLE.IN of cancellation or risk of cancellation without any delay.

The Client is responsible in law to ensure their Event’s compliance with health and safety regulations including safe electricity supply.

The Client and JIGGLE.IN can terminate this Booking only by mutual written consent. The Client will pay JIGGLE.IN 100% of the remaining balance if the cancellation is within 30 days of the Event, 50% within 60 days, or 25% within 120 days.

The Booking can be terminated if the Client or JIGGLE.IN makes any material breach of the Booking, if the Client becomes unable to pay for the Services, or if JIGGLEIN reasonably believes personnel or its assets or reputation are under threat because of the conduct of the Client, their guests, or their other service providers. The Client is responsible for all losses resulting from their breach of the Booking.

The Client authorises JIGGLE.IN to use any content connected to the Event for the purposes of promotion and education to future potential clients and service providers.

The Client consents to the computer storage and processing and transmission of their data by JIGGLE.IN for the purposes of conducting its business and complying with statutory requests. The Client can opt out of receiving information from JIGGLE.IN.

This Booking is in accordance with the laws of England and the Client submits to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.


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