7 Hora Dance Tracks To Fill Your Simcha Floor [downloads]

You don't have to be Jewish to love spinning round like a meshuggener! Here are a bundle of tracks to download for your simcha. Hora away your tsuris, make you schvitz, get you verklempt
(Yiddish translations)

1. Mazel Tov

Download Mazel Tov - Talco
We love this short yet totally wild instrumental version of Mazel Tov. Performed by Italian ska-band, Talco, it's perfect intro music to kick-start your hora!

2. Hevenu Shalom

3. Moshiach

Download Moshiach - Mordechai Ben David
Awesome rendition by the completely nuts Hasidic star MBD!

4. Siman Tov

Download Siman Tov - David & The High Spirit
No simcha is complete with it!

5. Yevareheha

Download Yevareheha - David & The High Spirit
So upbeat. Literally translated as "bless you"! Aw!

6. Zorba The Greek

Download Zorba The Greek - Nikos Ignatiadis
OK, OK. It's not exactly Jewish. But, hey, it always goes down well at hora time at JIGGLE.IN simcha parties!

7. Od Yishama

Download Od Yishama - David Yakobian
There's always time for one more!


Got some favourites of your own? Share them in the comments section below.

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