16 Alternative Kippah Inscription Ideas (apart from "stolen from...")

Seen the "Stolen from..." kippah before, right? Hilarious in it's time. But scroll through 16 more you won't have seen before. (And don't forget to add your own ideas!) Contact us for more creative simcha ideas!

1. Knaidel cap

2. Bless this kippah & all who party under it.

3. Finders Keepahs

4. Josh is a Keepah

5. Warning: Contains nut

6. Keepah ipright

7. Kippah on movin'. Don't stop!

8. Let's get the newlyweds חי

9. Danger: This is not a frisbee.

10. Sophie's got me covered.

11. Caution: Contents is hot.

12. Not for use on any other part of the body.

13. Do not feed if unaccompanied by wearer.

14. Instructions: Place on head. Pray.

15. Max's Barmy. Literally.

16. Pro Tip: Also opens roll-mop lids.

Ask us for more creative simcha ideas!


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