DJ hire ain't just about disco lights, sound, and look. But it helps!

JIGGLE.IN is all about the party! That doesn't mean we neglect our kit. Far from it!

Every light has to work hard for its place on our rig. That means plenty of photons, epic movement, effects, and excitement. On top of that, we have to think of safety, reliability, and... well... stuff we love using! Over 25 year we've worked out what we like, what gets our party-goers going, and what's safest and easiest to use and move around.

Luckily disco lighting has come a looong way in 25 years! And we're now almost exclusively LEDs and lasers. We've found that kids know their stuff when it comes to lights, too. They recognise our light brands (mainly Chauvet). They often even know about scanners, par cans, lasers, and our other lighting! And they gawp at our speakers, each with built-in amps so we're more compact, and we sound better.

Imaging the cabling involved! That's where spandex comes in. Yes, you read right, spandex! Think Baywatch meets Daft Punk!

We love getting our kit out. And we could talk about it for hours (if you're ever brave enough to ask). So, if you're fed up with the same, tired, old bulbs, rope lights, and pin-hope sheets, and you want something altogether more fabulous, let us know!


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