Children's Party Wear: Still Inappropriate

This weekend we went clothes shopping for our own daughter's batmi.

Holy crap! Children's wear shops are still selling inappropriate gear. We see it all the time: padded bras, high heel shoes, sexy slogans.

"They all come with padded boobs." explained one children's wear store owner. "We import girls' dresses from America." (Yes, the home of sexualised kids' beauty pageant weirdos.)

When challenged, one store owner called me "frumpy". I've been called many things. But "frumpy" isn't one of them!

Even famous, high street brands *cough* Monsoon *cough* are selling high heel shoes for little kids. Check out the picture. And their laughable warning: "Not suitable for children under 36 months" Yeah, that helps.

Anyone who knows us knows we're certainly not frumps!

But what goes through the mind of a parent dressing children in high heeled shoes and padded boobs?


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