The b'mitzvah walk-in moment of truth

Imagine it... You're standing alone at the entrance of the party hall, everyone else is inside including your parents and siblings, your signature tune is pumping, everyone's cheering in anticipation, and you hear...

"Relatives and friends, put your hands together and give your warmest welcome to our b'mitzvah... It's <insert kid's name here>!"

The doors fly open and you march in to whoops of approval and adoration, meandering through the tables of chairs until you make it to the front of the dance floor and the loving greeting of your immediate family.

With barely a moment to take it all in, your signature tune switches to "Siman tov, mazal tov", a tight ring of family and friends forms around you, you're thrust in to the very centre of over 100 people where an empty chair awaits your tuches (Yiddish for butt), and you're launched above the heads of everyone there!

Yikes + Likes

What a trip! As daunting as it is flaunting, and as vaunting as it is haunting. This moment is the time everyone knows is coming, the great launch of the ultimate crescendo in affirmation and gratitude. We made it!

For sure, it's not for everyone. We believe in consent, and we'd never do this to a child who couldn't cope. But life is a ride, and we love to extoll recognition of life's great milestones. So it's right that we coach kids and their families alike to embrace the walk-in with gusto.

For any dread is quickly replaced by the joy of sharing of yourself with those who love you most.


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