Simcha music playlist for a party rockin' bar mitzvah [download links]

We're constantly asked for an up-to-date simcha playlist. So here are some of our current favourites!

We love partying with hardcore Israeli dancers as well as the more common street dancers. Why not? It's a big fat Jewish simcha, after all!

BTW: Nothing against David and The High Spirit. They produced most simcha music you'll hear DJs play today. (I've included a couple of their tracks here.) But some of their stuff's been knocking about for 20 years! And there are more up-to-date recordings of the well-known simcha tracks if you know where to look, ie, right here...

Fast and Hard

Spiritual and Chilled

You don't have to be Jewish

Want more?

We got it! Have a chat with us about simcha music and playlists. And, of course, share your own ideas!


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