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Terms of business


Client: The individual who pays for the Booking.
Booking: The confirmation by JIGGLE.IN that JIGGLE.IN will provide Disco Services to the Client per agreed Details.
Details: Information reasonably required to provide Disco Services including but not limited to time, date, location, access, power, venue, fee, Deposit.
Disco Services: The operation of a mobile disco including sound and lighting equipment as agreed.
Deposit: The non-refundable advance payment of a minimum of half the fee
JIGGLE.IN will provide Disco Services to the Client per Details specified. A Booking will exist when JIGGLE.IN sends confirmation to the Client after having received payment of the Deposit.
The Client is responsible for providing accurate Details, full payment on the day Disco Services are provided, and for ensuring access to and facilities at the venue reasonably expected by a mobile disco. The Client is responsible for the conduct of themselves and their guests and indemnifies JIGGLE.IN against reasonable loss caused by the conduct of themselves or their guests. The Client will use best endeavours to notify JIGGLE.IN of any cancellation at the earliest opportunity.

JIGGLE.IN will use reasonable endeavours to provide Disco Services including playing music to the taste of the Client and their guests and fulfilling any music requests. In the event of any circumstances where JIGGLE.IN is unable to satisfy this provision, including not being able to play any music request, common decency, adverse weather, interruption to power, imposed limits to sound levels, force majeure, unsafe facilities, unlawful conduct, and illness or injury, JIGGLE.IN will nonetheless continue to use reasonable endeavours to satisfy this provision. JIGGLE.IN recommends the Client purchases “event insurance” to cover risks reasonably associated with disco events. JIGGLE.IN can terminate its services in the event of failure on the part of the Client or to comply with the law or because of safety concerns, illness, injury, the conduct of the Client or guests, or to protect its equipment, goodwill, or reputation.


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