Passionate about your memories.

Is there a magic formula for creating a party to remember?
We think so. But it's complicated.

Party Magic Formula

Everyone says "Oh, it's the people who make the party swing."
But it's far far more than that, isn't it?

Life's full of ups and downs, excitement and pressures, highs and lows, wins and losses.
True partying - really letting our hair down - is about celebrating with our loved ones. At it's best, it's a shared expression of revelry, unselfconsciously and without restraint.

We all want memories we'll cherish.

Who's the daddy?

David's been helping people throw parties since the late 80s. Yes, some have said he's a beat-up old rocker. But he loves nothing more than partying! Just try and drag him off the dance floor.

He'll help you push the boundaries of party fun. He knows how to get you and your fellow revellers to free themselves of their inhibitions.

What makes him tick?

David's passionate about creating an atmosphere unique to you. Ask him how to create a stunning look and feel. And, if you're worried about the build-up, all the stress of planning, and how to get in the right frame of mind, David's well-known for helping you prepare in every way.

DJ, MC, planner, all-round goodguy.

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